By day, I'm a Finance Manager. By night, I document my efforts to build a healthy second income.

About me

I’m a Finance Manager from the United Kingdom. I’m building online businesses around my day job to generate a healthy second income. The goal that I have set myself far exceeds my needs, but the higher the target, the harder I’ll work. I’ve got three kids – they’re expensive!

The purpose of this website is largely to hold myself accountable and to help work towards these goals. I'm part of an accountability group, lots of whom use whiteboards to map their goals and set themselves tasks. So, welcome to my whiteboard!

The links below will guide you around my ever growing whiteboard, with goals, projects, blog posts, audiobooks and more.

Why the minimalist design you may wonder, given that I build websites through I love Notion. My life is organised through Notion - everything from daily shopping lists to business plans put together on the go. Due to this portability, I've used to turn my Notion into my personal website that can be edited from my phone, laptop and iPad - pretty much any device!


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