Jan 23, 2021 3:01 PM

JenksDev is my portfolio of WordPress web design. I run JenksDev by myself, Β and am supported by a tech team at WPMU who work tirelessly in the background to ensure that the web hosting on offer is second to none.

What is a WordPress website? WordPress is a content management system. It's essentially the engine that drives a website – like Windows on a computer. It has become so popular, that an estimated 30% of websites in existence are built on it. There's a huge community of developers that work together to continuously try and improve it, while ensuring that it remains fast and secure.

It's flexible enough to allow developers to build fantastic websites with, but also simple enough to allow people with no technical experience to be able to write a blog or update their own websites.

How's it used at JenksDev? WordPress is at the core of every website that I build for my clients. I then use Elementor to make your website look amazing on all devices.

Elementor is page building software, that allows me to tweak every aspect of a website to be pixel perfect, as well as setting up templates that are easy for you to work with if you want to change anything by yourself.

WordPress, Elementor and WPMU are my go-to tools for every client website.

What's included in a JenksDev website? As standard, each of the websites comes with:

  • Hosting for a year
  • Weekly reports
  • Email support
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quick turnaround
  • Live building area

There are then different options for packages such as contact forms, blogs, ecommerce stores and more.