04 July, 2020Progress reports

Progress report - June 2020

  • Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins
United Kingdom

June was a bit of an odd month, given that we’re still in lockdown but slowly returning to ‘the new normal’. The day job is still wreaking havoc on my days, not allowing me much time to try and achieve the goal of £5,000 profit per month, or turnover of £6,859 (find out more about me for more details).

The goals set out on the ‘Income reports’ was as follows:

Finish building this website
I’m happy with how this site turned out, even though it was a quick build – using WordPress and Elementor. I’m yet to finish building the autoresponder series, but that’s on the list for some time in August.

Redesign JenksDev
I used the main design from this site to redesign the Jenksdev site, and then slapped on a new homepage with three price brackets to simplify my life a little. I made a sale the day after. I see this as a result.

Launch WhatSizePizza
I built the calculator to compare two pizzas and show the best value for money, with a little bit of content, but it got rejected by AdSense due to lack of content. Understandable due to a lot of spam sites out there, so I need to ramp up the content or the calculators a bit. Next on the list for this is to find some decent pizza kit to link to in the hope of some affiliate commission, then consider other advertising options and other calculators.

What else happened

Opened a Twitter account, trialled HypeFury
I’ve never been big on Twitter for personal use, but from a business perspective I couldn’t ignore it this this around. It’s fast becoming my favourite social network. To try and accelerate my following, I opened a HypeFury account – a dedicated Twitter tool. I’ve sampled it but have not used it to its full potential yet due to other elements of this project, and the day job, getting in the way. I’ve seen enough to know that it’s worth paying for though, so I’ll continue that.

Opened a Canva account
I used Canva before, back when the company was in its infancy. I liked it, but didn’t really need it at that stage. Having signed up for their 30 day free trial, I can safely say that they’ve come a long way, and their monthly subscription is well worth the money. I’m tempted to hire a VA to create a bunch of images.

Joined IndieHackers
I heard of IndieHackers a while back, but didn’t know it had anything to do with developers. It turns out the ‘Indie’ stands for independent, and the hacker doesn’t really have anything to do with hacking. It’s a community of web, SaaS and software developers building incredible tools – and it’s completely free.

Joined Trends.co
Trends is a great newsletter that, you guessed it, highlights some of the exploding trends in the business world. With the newsletter, subscribers gain access to a Facebook community filled with around 5,000 (at the time of writing) people, many of whom run successful businesses and offer guidance to others. I’ve learnt a lot and would like to think that I’ve helped quite a few people along the way.

What’s the plan for next month?

I will work on VirtualTrs. This will involve pulling together the last bits of the database of virtual tours and try to build up some hype via Facebook and other social channels; as well as emailing schools. However, given that the summer holidays will have kicked in before the launch, it may be some time before schools get onboard.

I’ll be keeping this as a free resource, and just set up a BuyMeACoffee in case anyone wants to support the project. Anything above covering costs, and a well-below-market-rate for my time will be donated to educational charities.

In between working on this, in any downtime when I’m not at the computer, I’ll be planning a WordPress course to help others learn how to build websites.

Fingers crossed for a successful and productive month.


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