27 October, 2020

Progress report - September 2020

  • Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins
United Kingdom

In the growing trend over the past three months, the income generated from all sources has decreased once again. It would seem that very few small businesses - my target audience - wish to lay out money for a website they may not see the benefit of. This leads me to believe that the lack of sales isn't just the budgets, but also the sales technique - something to add to the 'to learn list' perhaps.

I undertook a cold contact exercise whereby I searched for a niche in an area of the United Kingdom - builders in Gloucester, for example - and then reviewed the websites of the top listings. If a website needed improvements, I would review it more extensively, provide three actionable tips that would improve the website's performance, and email the owners, with a sales pitch at the end. No sales yet, but I'll keep at it.

October has been so busy that I am writing this post over three weeks late. Unfortunately for me, the business stems from the day job, not my side projects.

Key events in September

I'm not to undersell September, but all in all it was a bit of an uneventful month business wise.

My key success in September came in my personal endeavours, with my goal setting and fitness tracking. I've used Notion to schedule my goals for the next year - to December 2021. I've written why I think goal setting is important on the blog.

Given that the month largely contained personal progress, this is what I'll write about. I think I'm allowed to do this, given that it's my personal website. Right? Maybe. Anyway, here goes...


Roll back the clock ten years and I would've just qualified as a gym instructor as part of colege course. My problem has always been motivation to keep going to the gym. When I get to the gym, I feel great, and work out hard. The problem is getting there.

I decided that enough was enough, as I turned 29 in August, and want to be in the shape of my life before I hit 30.

I approached somebody who I knew was training to become a personal trainer (instagram.com/agravfitness) with some basic questions and gave him a summary of the problems I faced with a past injury, and asked how best to approach the strengthening of the area around the injury.

To build his portfolio, he offered to train me for free! I didn't want to accept that, so I countered with the offer of a website in exchange for coaching, to even it up a bit. It's going well so far. Hoping to see big changes by Christmas.

Goal setting

For the past few years I've said my goals out loud, but they unrealistic, not written down, and had no time frame.

I started by setting out all of my goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of 2021, and then worked backwards to break those goals down into macro-goals each quarter, and then micro-goals within those. It took a while, but I now feel that everything is achievable in its own section. Whether they culminate in me achieving my 2021 goals remains to be seen.


September didn't yield anything professionally, but the personal growth was great. Time to carry this forward and continue to grow every month.

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