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Starting the side hustle life

  • Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins
United Kingdom

Before starting this website, I was having arguments with myself as to whether it was a good idea. It came down to one sentence… Why not? If there’s a chance to better myself and the future that I can provide for my wife and children, I would think that I have an obligation to do so.

The main issue is how I can hit the goal that I set out. I do not wish to be greedy by setting such a high goal. I know that the target I’ve set for myself is far beyond the means of many, and is higher than the average wage in the United Kingdom. Realistically, half of the target would be good enough for me as a healthy side income, whereas the full amount would allow me to provide my children’s children by being wise with the money that comes in.

Everything will be built around the steady career that I often enjoy, so the work that I complete will need to be before my children wake up and after they go to bed, while ensuring I can spend quality time with my wife. So, idea time…

Initial thoughts

Forex trading

A very appealing option, all the while risky. Gambling on which currencies will perform better against others seems like a crazy option, but many make a full time living from this. Lots of people on Instagram claim to make a living from Forex but, like many, I fear that the majority are simply scam artists who take affiliate commission from people opening new accounts and then provide nothing of value. Luckily for me, I know a guy if I decide to start - James from Platinum University.


The process of selling items without owning them, receiving payment and then paying a smaller amount to acquire the product and ship it to your customer while retaining the profits. It’s a business model that has been around for years and has shown a decline in numbers of people succeeding with the business, but it’s one I am keen to explore, given the new software I've discovered with Platinum University.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a Service is the art of creating a piece of software, whether web or app-based, that solves a problem. The bigger the problem it solves, the more people will pay. Simple. The hard part is deciding which problem to solve, and then executing it.

Web development

A good stand by, and it’s something that has been paying the bills for quite some time now. There’s a reason I focus on SMEs though… It means that I don’t get stuck on the same project that isn’t mine for months at a time. Instead, I drop in on it from time to time as required by the client. This I enjoy.

Membership website

One of the evergreen business opportunities. Charging people a monthly or annual fee to be part of a community, whether it’s specifically for that community, or a newsletter, or perhaps a tutorial website where knowledge is shared. This is one that I could quite confidently do, given my Excel and Google Sheets knowledge that I’ve picked up my accounting career.

Affiliate marketing

This one I am well versed in, although I’ve never pushed it too much. It’s a simple concept: refer people to use a company’s products and get some commission on any purchases made. You’ll find some affiliate links throughout this website for products that I use or have used and have found helpful on my way.

Where to start

It’s time to rebuild the Jenksdev.com website and standardise the packages on offer. I’ll create a light, standard and premium package and have fairly strict parameters. I’ve just invested in an Elementor pro licence to allow me to use it on up to 1,000 websites. With Elementor, I can build websites using reusable blocks, switch up colour schemes and replace content. Each website will have a unique feel and I can turn them around quickly.

I’ll then look to create a bit of a fun website to test myself, with Whatsizepizza.co.uk and hope to get it to go viral with some pizza calculators on there. In an ideal world, I’d scrape data from the leading three pizza companies in the United Kingdom, compare the prices and feed them into a calculator. Probably a bit too much for a fun site, but we’ll see.

So, time to get cracking on the pizza site, investigate the feasibility of some other ideas, and start making some money.


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