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  • Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins
United Kingdom

Have you ever wondered how much pizza you should order, or how you’d get the best value for your money?

Did you know, for example, that a 14 inch pizza contains almost three times as much pizza as an 8 inch pizza? In this case, it’d be better for two people to order a ‘half and half’ 14 inch pizza, rather than an 8 inch pizza each – if the price was right of course.

Bigger is usually better. This is especially true when it comes to pizza.

WhatSizePizza was founded when I was hungry and friends were arguing about what size pizza to buy, and whether it was more cost effective to buy two eight inch pizzas or once twelve inch pizza. I pointed out that a 12 inch pizza was more than double the size of an eight inch pizza, and only cost 50% more.

So, I built a calculator to show the cost per square inch of pizzas, allowing people to make the most of their money. When I have time I may look to add more calculators on there, such as calorie per slice based on the UK's most popular pizza delivery company - Dominos. I also plan for their to a pizza accessory store with pizza ovens, novelty pizza slicers and other pointless stuff.

The website was started for a bit of fun, and will continue to be that, but it won't be a serious project. At least for now...

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